Kirsten Chanel Webber is a writer based in Phoenix, Arizona. She has articles appearing in CNN, Rolling Stone, Daily Mail News,  POPSUGAR, SheKnows, BGR, and Brit+Co. As a copywriter, her Amazon OTT Commercials appeared on streaming services including Hulu, Disney+, HBO, Showtime, CBS Sports, AMC, and Comedy Central. 

Kirsten oversaw a team of twenty individuals when she was Lead Senior Copywriter at an ad agency, and prided herself on helping others in the marketing field expand their skills by teaching four monthly corporate writing workshops. 

She has experience teaching a Title I Honors Poetry Workshop, a curriculum that she helped develop after Greenway Middle School instructors approached Kirsten after seeing her present to seventh graders on behalf of Maricopa Community Colleges as the Creative Writing Student Ambassador. 

In her academic career, she has been recognized on the Dean's List and President's Honor Roll as well as inducted into the esteemed NSLS Honor Society. Her research interests include 19th Century Literature, Feminist Theory, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and the intersections of Media and Culture. 

After establishing an accomplished career as a writer, Kirsten Chanel Webber hopes to share her love for writing and literature with others and has the goal of one day becoming an English Professor.